i am back. well, not really because i will probably disappear again some time. i'm back home with my sis and have been hiding away in my safe little corner for awhile. i dont know why i'm back blogging again, perhaps i do miss this internet world i used to live in. things have been pretty much the same as when i last left off. i am still living in this little world of my own, hearing these little voices in my head. i am still depressed and constantly running away from myself. nothing really changed i guess, apart from where i am now.

i no longer have access to my singnet email account because i cannot remember the password that they've randomly assigned to me. i dont think i'll receive any emails anyhow. i've been so out of touch with the internet, emails, chats and stuff. i have thought of writing so many times, and i have written in the old fashion way many times too. but when i turn on my computer, my mind just goes blank. funny how the mind works or not work. i think i should get some sleep now.

9/27/2006 11:51:00 PM |

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